Other Services

Contract Digging Specialist

Our crews of trained diggers produce a consistent, high quality, hand dug ball second to none. Custom machine digging is also available.

Free Consultation Service

Please allow our experts to suggest alternatives or substitutes for plants specified that are not available in the local market. We feel confident that we can offer suitable substitutions that will not jeopardize the integrity of the plan. We offer Commercial Grade plants at discounted prices to help our customers be more competitive and profitable. All plant material sold is guaranteed to be in healthy and vigorous condition. This is consistent with our value-added policy. Please ask us for details. We may also be able to offer comparable substitutions (which also may be upgrades) at substantial discounts due to surplus inventories on select items.

Supply Specialists

We maintain a wide inventory of production nursery and landscape supplies at competitive prices. We also stock all sizes of wire baskets, twine, bamboo, and many other items. For the landscape contractor, we're the geo-textile specialist. We offer a wide variety of erosion control materials and weed barrier fabrics. Custom made shade cloth and mesh truck tarps are available in any size as well.


Our 20 acre stockyard has a variety of B&B material above ground to suit your landscaping needs in non-digging seasons. We also provide a variety of potted material to complete lists for all sized jobs.


We offer brokerage services to provide our customers with all the plants on their lists at a one-stop, convenient, and competitive location.